Teaser voor de voorstelling A Pole Tragedy van Sofie Kramer.
Cinematografie, camera, edit & grading

Concept, text, performance: Sofie Kramer | Instrument development, sound design: Mári Mákó | Technical consultancy: Michele Abolaffio | Costume design: Esther Sloots | Lichtdesign and video: Hendrik Walther | End direction: Floor Houwink ten Cate | Coaching: Carl Beukman | Technician: Brendan Breedijk | Campaign image: Casper Koster (photography) and Jesse Smits (poster design) | Teaser: Hessel Stuut | Made with support of: Bureau Dégradé, GREENHOUSE/Veem House for Performance, Performing Arts Fund and Amarte | Many thanks to: Keren Levi

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